Is Chris Christie telling the truth now?

The Bully yells at a Teacher while his wife laughs.

So today CC denies any knowledge of the bridge scandal involving his office before yesterday.  Can we believe him after some other lies?

Also, take a good look at the email language between his Dep. Chief of Staff Bridgett Kelly:

“Kelly’s emails were revealed on Wednesday in documents subpoenaed by Democrats in the State Assembly. “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” Kelly wrote in an Aug. 13 email sent from her personal account.

“Got it,” replied David Wildstein, one of Christie’s top appointees to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which manages jointly manages the George Washington Bridge.”

Wildstein’s reply suggests that he understands completely.  As if there had been some conversation about it before.  What also concerns me, does anyone think that Ms. Kelly just came up with this idea..on her own?  out of thin air?    Do you believe Wildstein just “got it” and knew what to do without question, or previous knowledge?

But, lets look at some of the other lies of Christie.

-CC said he would be there for the family’s of Hurricane victims Sandy.  Yet, over 2000 families still are homeless or displaced.   In contrast, all the Boardwalks are open, and he even ponied up another $15 million to build one twice!  His wife’s Hurricane fund is still holding onto Millions 15 months later meant for families!!

-CC claimed in a letter to Teachers and Police he would do nothing to harm the pensions.  Instead it was one of the first things he went after to gut.  With other bold face lies as saying teachers paid nothing for benefits, and calling them “drug mules” and saying Police were holding a “me” rally

Pre election letter from Christie promising no harm to pensions

-Chris Christie promised no raise in taxes.  He forgot to mention he cut tax credits to the poor and elderly.  He also steals from your local budgets all the time.  He took $250 Million out of the $1.2 Billion energy tax.  That tax is money directly paid, supposedly, to your town as a fee for light/telephone companies to post poles.  So, your town, on its sheets shows a revenue for $1,000,000 for that.  When your town only gets $750,000 and there is a shortage..guess where that comes from?  You, the taxpayer

-Christie has also been only paying a fraction of the Costs for State Workers into the pension system.  This allows again his budget to look “balanced”.  Your town/County must pay full costs.

-Christie in a interview said mockingly to Law Enf Officers “No no is going to die” because of his cuts to public safety budgets.  Yet, in many Counties the dead victims of overdoses had doubled.  According to the Partnership for Drug-Free New Jersey, a partnership with the governor’s office, in one year heroin deaths of 18- to 25-year-olds rose 24 percent statewide.  In addition the overall homicide rate in New Jersey rose considerably for 2013.

-Remember the Schools Race to the Top Fiasco.  Originally, he tried to blame Washington Bureaucrats.  When that backfired, he blamed Education Commissioner Bret Schundler. But Mr. Schundler said he had warned the governor before the news conference that what he was about to tell reporters was false.  Schundler later stated:

“His entire point was he likes to be on offense rather than defense,” Mr. Schundler said days later. “He wanted to make this all about the Obama administration’s picayune rules rather than our error.”

-CC called it a “lie” when Speaker Shiela Oliver said her office tried to get a meeting with the Governor many times.  Later her office produced text messages and phone log records proving she was right.

-Snowgate, when he claimed he was in contact with Sen. Steve Sweeney from Florida.  Another lie.

-When CC lied about the cost of the Tunnel project to NY that killed a 1,000 jobs.

“Mr. Christie also misstated New Jersey’s share of the costs: he said the state would pay 70 percent of the project; the report found that New Jersey was paying 14.4 percent. And while the governor said that an agreement with the federal government would require the state to pay all cost overruns, the report found that there was no final agreement, and that the federal government had made several offers to share those costs.”

So, are we now to believe him when he says he had “No knowledge” of Bridgegate???

Lets see what path the future takes his fired Dep. Chief of Staff Ms. Kelly.  To hearings, charges, criminal convictions.  Or, does she wind up in a quiet “private sector” job at a Republican donors company.   Or..does she later feel made to take the fall and write a “tell all” book about what she knows……..stay tuned.

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