Super Bowl? Or Super dud for New Jersey?

Just reading all the news about the Superbowl for NJ it seems it will be the super-not.  If you go to the game you can’t tailgate, an American Tradition.   You can’t have someone drop you off, you cant take a taxi, you cant take a local shuttle bus from a nearby bar (a service some local bars offer EVERY Sunday).  The Greedy NFL wont even let some towns promote the game by using the word “Superbowl”.  One town was forced to call the event a “Tailgate” party, otherwise face a legal suit from the NFL.   Other towns just simply canceled any events then deal with the NFL and its regulations.  A loss of businesses for the many local restaurants/bars/stores that expected income for the Super Dud in NJ.

Remember from a previous posting the NFL is a “Non-Profit” $9 Billion dollar company….non profit:   NFL $9 billion dollar Non Profit

Here is better article by Paul Mulshine of the Star Ledger writing about the upcoming Super-Dud to NJ’s Economy:

Super bowl..or Super Dud?

One other thing to consider, is what will be the security, police, emergency services costs vs. the revenue this will bring to NJ?




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